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We are a specialist consultancy that help businesses raise finance, expand operations and turnaround losses. Hades Consultancy is a global firm, and we have developed strong relationships in a number of lucrative markets around the world including the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Unlike many consultancies that simply watch and report, we take a very active role, and will collaborate with you to fulfill your goals. We will draw upon our experience, local knowledge and key contacts to ensure your organisation will succeed where others have failed.

 Other consultancies will often appoint junior consultants to carry out most of the work, whilst they maybe highly educated they are often with little or no experience in the real life aspects of business, our aim to have the most senior consultant with you all the way and not simply to read the report and make suggestions. After all real life business is very different to sales charts and graphs.

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Business Development Consultancy

There are a number of issues which may be affecting your business. You may be making significant losses and require expert services to help you escape this predicament. Or perhaps you wish to expand operations into a region in which you have little experience. Whatever your needs, our consultants will work from the top-down to identify problems and work with you to develop the right solutions that will enable your company to grow. Our expertise, combined with our valuable network of contacts will put your company a step ahead of the competition.

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Business Sponsorship and Raising Finance

Here at Hades Consultants, we pride ourselves on our ability to open doors at the most senior levels, in countries all over the world. If your business has international aspirations or plans to expand, we can assist with introductions. In many countries you will need a local sponsor to support your business. From influential people in government to industrial contacts, we know the right people that will give your business the best of starts. We can also assist in raising finance if you are seeking financial backing to fund your growth.

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Investment and Financing

Acquiring funding can be a painful and elongated process, and many businesses fail from lack of funding and the lack of a knowledgeable business investor. Hades Consultancy make financing smoother and more streamlined by bypassing gate keepers and going straight to the people that matter. You will get the opportunity to make your pitch direct to investors giving you the greatest chance to get the financial backing that you need. In many cases, our consultants have worked with, and advised the investors you are pitching on previous ventures and projects.

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Areas of Operation

We have developed extensive links with a number of regions, in particular:

UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Hades Consultants: Business Development Consultancy. Uk, Spain, Italy, Germany, Dubi, Russia, Hong Kong and Africa






Our Areas of Expertise

High End Businesses

 Service Based Businesses








 Health Care

Property and Facilities







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