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Hades Consultancy consists of a small group of highly successful and knowledgeable businessmen. Each one of our business consultants has a proven track record with experience that spans a number of decades. Over the years we have helped and supported a selection of SMEs and high net worth individuals in a number of highly successful ventures.

What makes us special is our ability to solve problems and open doors. Whether our clients need assistance in entering a market or in finding the right person, they know that we have the knowledge and the network to find the right solution.

Each of our consultants is highly skilled and specialised in a particular area. During consultations, we will learn about your business and your needs, and match you with a consultant who will add real value to your operations. You can be sure that whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them.

If you would like to learn more about our business development consultancy and what we can do for you, please get in touch with us at Hades Consultancy.

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Why Hades Consultancy?


We provide consultants who have abundant experience gained not just from years of winning, but also from losing. After all we all pay for our education in order to be of use to others. It is our many years of working in our own and growing businesses, that we know what works, and what doesn't.


We believe that in order for a business relationship to be a fruitful one, it is important that all parties and stakeholders can work effectively with each other. Each consultant is hand picked for the client, based not only on their knowledge but also on their personality.



For most companies who are entering a growth cycle, knowing the right people is beyond them. Our ability to develop key relationships is unsurpassed. We can raise not just finance, but also your profile, and get you seen by the people who matter.


It is only when we have a thorough understanding of your business that we will formulate deliverables and key performance indicators. So at all times, you will have a clear understanding of where your project is and how near it is to success.







To learn more about our business development consultancy and what we can do for your organisation, please contact us at Hades Consultancy.

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