Business Development Consultancy
We Turnaround Businesses

If your business is haemorrhaging money and require urgent assistance to help you identify the problems within your organisation, we can help. At Hades Consultancy, we are a business development consultancy proficient in turning around businesses. We will draw upon our experience and our knowledge of your industry to find the source of the problems and structure a roadmap that will enable you to make the right changes and grow.







We can look at ways to develop your business by finding new opportunities and reducing costs. This may involve looking at ways to maintain services whilst making processes more effective. Or it could involve finding better suppliers and manufacturers. There may be multiple areas to improve and we'll identify everything that can deliver real value to your business.



Having the right funding in place is integral to every business. You can rely on our financial nous to maximise your current revenue streams and generate new ones. If you need extra funding, we'll be able to direct you to the right investors who will be able to give you what you need. We'll help you become investor ready, connect you with investors networks and assist in budgeting.



As businesses grow and enter new markets, processes and ways of thinking that were once innovative can become inefficient. We'll conduct an investigation of how your business operates and determine what is holding your organisation back. We'll develop a framework to change structures and lead you into implementing these transformations.



Having the right processes will maximise your margins, improve your operations and make you more effective. We can review your procurement strategy and discover whether you have the best system in place. If not, our consultants will work with you, and ensure that your business is structured the right way.


Top Down Approach

We take the top down approach which means that we will examine overarching issues at the top. It is only when we identify the right strategy that we can implement the tactics to make this possible. The top down approach will ensure that any changes can be made quickly and effectively, bypassing any slower decision making procedures. As new processes are filtered down, these will be implemented immediately and without delay.









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