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Business Sponsorship

Entering a new market is a complicated process in itself. Entering a new market in an overseas country is liable to make things even more complex. No two counties have the same infrastructure, working practices and culture in place, and not accounting for this, can lead to major mistakes and costly errors.

Hades Consultancy can help you circumvent all obstacles by providing you with business sponsorship. Finding a sponsor is not only a good idea, but in many countries, a rule, as in the UAE, which stipulates that any business with an industrial or commercial license cannot be wholly owned by a foreign person.

Our business development consultancy will open doors and assist in introductions to the right people. Your business will benefit by having local support behind you, giving you the the ability to expand your business. You'll also be able to use your sponsors reputation to move into new markets. Most importantly, the backing of your sponsor will ensure that your chances of successes are extremely high.

The Middle Eastern, African and Asian markets have lots of potential, but it is critical that you prepare to ensure your venture is a profitable one. Contact us to schedule a meeting and find out how Hades Consultancy can help your business expand abroad in Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

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Investment and Raising Finance

Many businesses fail due to a lack of funding and investment. However if your business is in need of new funds, raising finance is rarely a straightforward process and you may be struggling to get yourself seen and heard by the right people. At Hades Consultancy we bypass the gatekeepers, and can introduce you to the people that matter.

In the majority of cases, our business development consultancy have worked with, and advised the investors you are pitching to, which will give your pitch the greatest chance of success. From private investment companies to family trusts, there are multiple avenues to explore, and we'll be able to lead you down the most fruitful path.

The hardest aspect of raising finance is for the business owner to make the pitches to prospective investors, our specialist consultants wont just open the door to meet the investor, we will also be at the pitch and help you to verbalise the dream and vision you have for your business to bring a successful outcome to your search.







If you wish to raise finance and seek investors, get in touch with us at Hades Consultancy to schedule a meeting.

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